Forcella NYC

Photo by Forcella

Address: 377 Park Ave. S. (26th & 27th St.)

*Also located in the East Village and Williamsburg


Review: One of the more recent openings in the quickly changing landscape of the Flatiron/Park Ave. neighborhood brings us this higher end pizza joint coming over from Brooklyn.  We sat at the bar to grab some beers and a pie.  The bartender was friendly and helpful, giving good recommendations on the new menu.  All the options had a wide array of cheeses and toppings.  However, the crust fell a bit short – the base of the pizza was a little soggy and couldn’t hold the toppings up when we lifted it to eat.  Though disappointing, the quality of toppings helped make up for it.  It could have been some new growing pains as we visited Forcella right as it opened, or maybe it was just an overload of toppings…a debate we wouldn’t mind settling with a return trip.  With its relaxed atmosphere, Forcella is a good spot for a casual date when you’re in the mood for something a little nicer than that $1 slice pizza joint on the corner.


Photo by Co.

Address: 230 9th Ave. (24th & 25th St.)


Review: Co. has GREAT thin crust, artisanal type pizzas and solid craft beers.  It’s good for a date if you’re in the mood for some more upscale pizza and a nicer atmosphere than a regular pizza place.  Also a good spot for groups thanks to their long wooden tables.  The menu is limited for options other than pizza, but you’re coming here for the pizza any way so that shouldn’t be a problem!  If you’re in the Chelsea area and looking for some awesome pizza, this is the place.