Williamsburg, BK



Photo by NY Mag

Address: 229 S. 4th St. (Driggs Ave. & Roebling St.)

Link: http://traifny.com/

Review: When making the trek to Brooklyn from Manhattan you always hope that you won’t be let down. Traif (not conforming to kosher dietary laws) lives up to the name serving some awesome pork and seafood small plates. The back patio was full so we grabbed a table inside.  Though space was a bit tight it pulls off a more cozy than crowded vibe.  Small plates offer the chance to sample the multitude of options ranging from sweet salads to blistered peppers, from pork belly to scallops.  Everything we ordered came out in a timely fashion and were devoured before the plate hit the table.  The prices vary and the items are seasonal so how big you go is completely up to you.  Sometimes going a little out of the way to try something new is worth it, this little gem is one for sure.


Forcella BK

Photo by Dave P.

Address: 485 Lorimer St. (Grand & Powers St.)

*Also located in the East Village and Flatiron/Gramercy

Link: http://www.forcellaeatery.com/

Review: Friendly and helpful staff, giving good recommendations on the menu.  All the options had a wide array of cheeses and toppings.  However, the crust fell a bit short – the base of the pizza was a little soggy and couldn’t hold the toppings up when we lifted it to eat.  Though disappointing, the quality of toppings helped make up for it.  It could have been some new growing pains as we visited Forcella right as it opened, or maybe it was just an overload of toppings…a debate we wouldn’t mind settling with a return trip.  With its relaxed atmosphere, Forcella is a good spot for a casual date when you’re in the mood for something a little nicer than that $1 slice pizza joint on the corner.

Le Comptoir

Photo by Le Comptoir

Address: 251 Grand St. (Driggs Ave. & Roebling St.)

Link:  http://lecomptoirny.com/

Review: Brooklyn is full of really great restaurants and many of the top chefs in Manhattan are taking their talents across the East River, so in an attempt to get out of our Manhattan bubble we made the trip over to Williamsburg to try something new! Le Comptoir has a great atmosphere – an outdoor garden area, good music playing and a romantic/intimate vibe.  We tried a bunch of different dishes and were wowed by all of them. The warm goat cheese crostini, the steak tartare, the oysters and the soft shell crab (the special of the night) were all super fresh and perfectly executed.  The gnocchi with duck leg confit was out of this world, though it doesn’t seem to be on the menu anymore which is super disappointing. Hopefully the shrimp/bacon gnocchi is just as good.  The specialty cocktails were tasty but could’ve been a little stronger, the service was quick and friendly and they have an awesome dessert sundae.  Le Comptoir is definitely worth the hike to Brooklyn.  Note that it is cash only and somewhat of a hike from the L train so give yourself plenty of time to get there.

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